Back Car Seat Cover For Dogs and Pets – Rear Hammock Style Padded Bench Protector for Trucks and Vans – Black, Polyester – by Woofiy

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Pet Seat Cover

What happy puppy doesn’t enjoy tagging along on car rides?
While most pups can’t wait to hop in the car, many pet owners are not so thrilled about the idea of bringing their furry best friends along when running errands or making road trips. This is because both dogs and cats tend to leave behind tons of pet hair as well as all kinds of messes such as mud stains, wet spots, rips, tears and snags. Well, pet owners no longer have to worry about any damage to the interior upholstery of their car, truck or SUV!Our pet seat cover now allows pet owners to rest assured when taking their four-legged friends on quick car rides or long road trips. This pet seat cover is really built to last season after season as it is made out of a premium quality polyester material which is completely waterproof and tear-resistant.

Pet owners everywhere absolutely love that the cover protects the seats in their vehicle, while pets love it because it’s super soft and comfortable. There is even a layer of padding incorporated into the seat cover in order to provide your pet with a superior level of comfort during car rides. Not only is this seat cover strong, durable and extremely comfortable, it is also incredibly easy to install. The cover is equipped with velcro openings in order to accommodate seat belts and holsters as well as a non-slip backing to make sure it stays put. All you have to do is simply lay the pet seat cover over your entire backseat while securely fastening the buckles around the headrests and also while making it a point to slip the seat belts through the looped openings.

Next, smooth the seat cover onto your seats, tuck it into the crevices and open the door so Fido can jump in. Your seats will now be fully protected from dirt, mud, water, pet hair and more as you can drive around with the company of your pet and peace of mind.

Guess what? The features of our pet seat cover don’t stop there. This heavy duty seat protector by Woofiy can also quickly and conveniently be converted into a backseat pet hammock if need be by fastening the other set of buckles to the headrests of the front seats. We highly suggest that every pet owner have at least one of our car seat covers in the trunk or under the seat in their vehicle. They especially make a great gift idea for new pet owners!


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