Hands free dog leash

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  • Woofiy-8106-8108 Woofiy-8078-8099 Woofiy-8076-8078100% HANDS-FREE: Now there’s no need to hold on to a clunky leash or handle as you walk, jog or run with your dog.
  • DUAL HANDLE DESIGN: Our unique design showcases two looped handles allowing you to have the most control over your pup when needed.
  • SAFE: Features 5 feet of bright reflective stitching to ensure that you and your dog are kept safe when out and about at night.
  • ADJUSTABLE: The belt is slightly adjustable in order to provide the perfect fit with each and every use.
  • DURABLE: Strong enough for small, medium or large sized dogs.

Woofiy-8076-8078 Woofiy-8078-8099 Woofiy-8106-8108Want to get a workout in while also exercising your dog? Well, there has never been a more perfect time to get active and enjoy the great outdoors with your four legged best friend trotting along beside you!


Every pet owner undeniably needs one of these hands-free dog leashes by Woofiy because they allow you to keep your hands totally free whenever you are walking, jogging or running with your furry pal. (Of course this is especially important if you need to push a stroller, carry equipment or use your cellphone during your outing.) Whether your dog is small, medium or large in size, this hands-free dog leash will work for you just fine.


We just know you will love the unique design of this hands-free dog leash and we are sure your dog will too!


Want to know what makes this hands-free leash by Woofiy one of the most popular pet accessories here on Amazon? These are just a few reasons why this hands-free dog leash is the preferred choice among dog owners and professional handlers everywhere!



Our hands-free dog leash measures 5 feet long and features a unique double handle design (one positioned at the hip and one at collar) allowing you to easily control your pooch when he or she begins to stray.



Rest assured knowing that you and your dog will be kept safe while out on late night walks, runs or jogs. This is because the length of the dog leash has been stitched with a bright reflective material making you and your pup visible to vehicles as they pass by.



The length of the leash is made out of a strong bungee giving you the most amount of flexibility and control. The bungee also absorbs any force that may be applied when your dog pulls or yanks on the leash.



Unlike other similar hands-free dog leashes sold here on Amazon, the belt on ours is slightly adjustable so you can loosen or tighten it around your waist (fits up to a 42” waist). Use the metal clasp to unhook the leash from the belt to instantly convert it back to a traditional style handheld pet leash.


The possibilities truly are endless with our innovative leash. Click ‘Add to Cart‘ to order your own Hands-Free Dog Leash by Woofiy today!


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