Dog Nail Clipper

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  • MUST HAVE FOR PET OWNERS: The only grooming tool you’ll ever need to cut and trim your pet’s nails at home!
  • SAFE: Our handy nail clippers feature a safety stop, a locking system and a non-slip grip for worry-free nail trimming.
  • DURABLE: The sturdy clipper blades are made out of stainless steel to ensure long lasting durability.
  • EASY TO USE: Designed to fit comfortably in the hand, the easy-grip handle makes trimming your pet’s nails a breeze.
  • BONUS NAIL FILE: Comes with a small pet nail file to even out your dog or cat’s nails in order to prevent sharp points after cutting.
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Does your cat or dog’s nails grow like crazy? Tired of spending your hard earned cash to have your precious pet’s claws trimmed by a groomer?


If you’re a pet owner and your answer to these questions is YES, stop wasting money and get yourself a pair of Woofiy’s Pet Nail Clippers!


Every responsible pet owner should be fully aware of just how important it is to keep their dog or cat’s nails trimmed. As a matter of fact, regularly trimming your pet’s nails is just as important to your cat or dog’s health as bathing them. This is because if left to grow long and unruly, a pet’s nails can suddenly break off and cause them tremendous pain and discomfort. While having your groomer trim your pet’s nails may seem like the best option, this can quickly become quite expensive. To save yourself some money, you should get a pair of at-home pet nail clippers recommended by professional groomers.


Reasons why pet owners everywhere love our clippers:

  • SAFE


Pet nail trimmers by Woofiy truly are one of the safest grooming tools available today!


Many pet owners are apprehensive about trimming their pet’s nails because they’re scared they will accidentally hurt them, but you don’t have to worry while using these clippers. They are incredibly easy to use in the comfort of your own home and feature a safety stop, a locking system and a non-slip grip to protect your furry friend by preventing accidents. The back of the package also displays the correct steps you should carefully follow to ensure you safely and properly trim your pet’s nails.



Recommended for Medium/Large Dogs and Cats

This pair of high quality pet nail trimmers is recommended for use on medium to large dogs or cats. To keep your pet’s nails trimmed and clean, you should be cutting them every few weeks or at least once a month.


Includes a Bonus Nail File!

Your pet’s nails may be a bit sharp after cutting them, which is why every pair of our innovative nail clippers comes with a bonus pet nail file. Use it to smooth and round the edges of their nails following a nail trimming session to prevent painful scratches.

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  1. Doris D


    i just got these in the mail today and had to try them out right away. Although I originally got these to use on my brothers dog since he is larger They had absolutely no problem cutting the nails of my MinPins cleanly and precisely with no ragged ends like most store bought dog nail clippers. I have a senior MinPin with congestive heart failure and when her nails are cut they have to be cut quickly and correctly the first time as to not get her to wrilled up. This clipper has no problem in that department cutting cleanly though her thicker nails leaving a nice edge for me to quickly buff rounded. It even worked well to take the tips off my cats nails, as I often do , to prevent damage to my furniture. I would recommend these nail clippers to anyone looking for a nice sturdy high quality clipper to save the money in bringing your pet to the vet or groomer! It has a backstop to prevent over cuts and a nice grip on the handle for ease of use. I will be trying this out on my parrot as well and will update my review to reflect the outcome. I was provided this item at a discount in exchange for my honest unbiased review.

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